Spelt pillow

Spelt pillow is filled with spelt chaff. Chaff are elastic and adapt to each shape of your body. Your head and backbone lie softly and are optimaly leanted whole night. So your musculature  mainly area of shoulders and nape can totally relax and it gives out to deep and resilient sleep. Chaff also massage your scruff. The ability of chaff to absorb air enables their good heating up at the stove, radiator or at the sun. Accumulated energy is  afterwards longer transmitted to human body. Spelt chaff have from the filling materials the best bulkhead attributes. Pillows filled with spelt chaff absorb sweat during night and take away abundant warm and create pleasant clime for healthy sleeping.Spelt pillows are  recommended  for  different infirmities for instance against disabling of neck backbone and from this resultant headaches, aches of scruff, shoulders and and aches of back. They beneficaly influence at megrim, insomnia, diseases of ears and eyes, absorb diseases of forehead and grip void. They bring alleviation at holarthritis, screws, aches of extremities and joints. Using of this pillow or mattress filled with spelt chaff  also improves circulation of blood in legs and creation of varicoses. They decreases burdensomeness and dizzynesses- very frequent attributes of joint, back and vascular diseases.They decreases frequency of flush - what mainly women during climacterium will appreciate. They improve endurance against diseases from flu and strengthen immunity. They supports the activity of epinephries and guts - so metabolism and secernet system. They alleviate the frequency of asthmatic accesses. Everything is happening because of that chaff can act against geopatogenic zones itmeans to protect against acting of undeground water flows.

Cherry pillow

Using as cold compression

You can ice cherry nubs in the fridge or freezer. Iced pillow apply  directly to befallen part of your body. Cherry nubs will aimly ice befallen place.

Using as dry thermophore

It is possible to fire absolutely dry cherry nubs in the oven. If warm pillow with cherry nubs apply to befallen place  it give off warm to your body.

It will keep warm longer than thermophore filled with water.

Fire  5-10 minutes in oven maximal 120 celsia degrees

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