Maral root bio extract

Applied part of plant: stub


  • harmonizes glands with inside secretion and because of that is necessary at affection of pancreas, liver, milt {at acute and also at chronic states }
  • supports reparational processes in fibres, after surgery invention, convalescence
  • increases the endurance against stress, improves whole state of organism, supports exchange of zeins
  • recovers immunized system, helps at cure of lymph ganglions, myomathosis of womb and fibrosis of breasts
  • decreases level of saccharides and cholesterol { diabetes, vascular affections}
  • strengthens the activity of carnal glands, seminal power
  • corrects menstrual cycle
  • unspecificly increases activity of whole organism
  • stops processes of physical and psychical ageing
  • supports digestion and metabolism, energetical use of nutritives
  • displaces heavy metals and contamined substances
  • favourably infuences cordial muscle, mainly during rehabilitation after heart attack
  • increases flowing of blood and moderatly blood pressure
  • improves brain activity and activity of central nerve system
  • improves whole state at depression , increases optimism
  • increases capacity of transverses
8,50.- EUR
(bez DPH: 7,08 EUR)

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