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Herbal tinctures contain active substances from plants, which are macerated with alcohol. We use BIO alcohol, which has to be imported from Germany, due to its unavailability. The process involves soaking the root, top, seed or fruit, depending on the individual plant and its concentration of active ingredients. Treatment with herbal tinctures is extremely gentle and effective, does not harm the human body, has no side effects and leaves no unwanted substances in the body. It is successful not only in treating specific diseases, but it is also suitable as a preventive support for a healthy individual.


Teas and dried herbs

Herbal teas contribute to the normal functioning of organs and act as antioxidants. They contribute to the restoration of lost energy and vitality. Alfalfa powder has beneficial effects on the body, thanks to its high content of various substances. Its preventive use (with no side effects) strengthens the body.



Pillows filled with spelled of buckwheat chaff are elastic and adapt to every shape of your body. The head and spine lie softly and are optimally supported during all night. 
This way, the muscles, especially the shoulder and neck area, can completely relax, resulting in deep sleep. The chaff also gently massages the nape. They have a beneficial effect on migraines, insomnia, ear and eye diseases. They suppress diseases of the frontal and maxillary sinuses.