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AFRA – a direct path from nature to health

We are a small family company, producing tinctures and teas from medicinal plants grown in bio quality on our own eco-farm Odorica, near Levoča.

The founder of our company, Andrej Franko, has dedicated his whole life to the collection, cultivation and processing of medicinal plants, especially plant adaptogens.

When after 1989 as a retiree, he acquired the land after his parents, Anna and Ján Franko, he decided to return from Považská Bystrica to a small farm called Odorica near Levoča, where he was born.

He created his own recipes for processing medicinal plants and in 1993 he founded the company AFRA with his daughter Zuzana Homolová.

Since 1996 we have been involved in the system of controlled organic agricultural production and we are holders of BIO certificates for both cultivation of organic products and production of organic food. At the beginning, it was only possible to buy our products in one store – AFRA Tea Room in Žilina on Štefániková Street.

Gradually, the interest increased and from 2006 we started to supply our goods to other stores, tea houses and pharmacies throughout Slovakia. Over time, the range of our products has expanded by the production of pillows.

The method of growing and processing medicinal plants has remained unchanged to this day. From seed to adult plant, through harvesting, processing, to final labelling, only 2-3 people are present during the process, which guarantees the highest quality of our products.

All of our products are placed on the market with the consent of the Public Health Office of the Slovak Republic.


More information about our eco-farm can be found on our website: