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Herbal extracts

Echinacea bio extract 100ml

(Echinacea purpurea)

13,50 €

Applied part of plant :stub


  • increases immunity, helps at tumefacient ganglions
  • creates barrier against viral infections by vibration of cellular membrane
  • antiviral affect, anti flu affect
  • successful in cure of tetter and blights, helps at corasthma, asthma and allergies
  • disengages convulsions of gall, helps at casing colic
  • improves blood circulation also in capillaries
  • antiinflammatory effect on mucous of alimentary canal
  • salves central nerve system
  • regulates vegetal accidents
  • helps at megrim
  • cures old gashes, decubituses
  • supports bark of epinephries
  • decreases level of saccharides and cholesterol
  • recovers whole organism, supports production of white blood cells
  • helps to wash up contaminated substances from organism mainly heavy metals, smogs parts
  • inhibits the creation of cellular shock and creation of injurants from irradiance and chemotherapy and helps to wash up substances after their application