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Herbal extracts

Five flavor berry bio extract 100ml

(Schizandra chinensis)

13,50 €

Applied part of plant : stub


  • suitable after heavy infection diseases
  • deepens breathing
  • decreases fever, aches
  • helps to handle deficiency syndromes {reduction, alkoholism, tabacism}
  • improves quality and intensity of seeing
  • affects stimulating  to central nerve and cardiovascular system
  • quickens regeneration while physical and psychical attrition, displaces cachexia
  • increases physical and mental capacity
  • while cachexia and languor it displaces somnolence and returns the feeling of flush
  • stimulates blood circulation, favourable influence on metabolism and decreasing of concentration of saccharides in blood - diabetes
  • helps to normalize neurohumoral unbalance during climacterium
  • relaxation of muscles
  • protects liver, stomach and guts
  • acts antistressfully
  • protects vessels at arteriosclerosis