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Herbal extracts

Golden Root bio extract 50ml

(Rhodiola rosea)

7,60 €

Applied part of plant : stub


  • supports recovery processes of liver and pancreas
  • displaces attrition and cachexia, mainly mental
  • corrects sleep and mainly phase difference
  • increases elasticity and capacity of mental abilities mainly memory, increases concentration
  • high stimulating effect at physical and mental exertion
  • increases the endurance of organism on adverse affects of environment, temperature, noise, light
  • cancels adverse effect of harder radiation {X radiation and CT medicals, radiations}, hinders cell shock while using before these capacities
  • decreases accessory effects during chemotherapy
  • quickens regeneration of organism after heavy injuries, surgery interventions, infection diseases
  • helps at cure of shizophrenia
  • stops degeneration of eye and ear nerve, roar, whistle in ears
  • decreases level of saccharides and cholesterol {diabetes and vascular changes }
  • helps to displace combustional substances from organism
  • protecting  and stimulating effect on endocrinal glands : thyroid, epinephries, carnal glands, libido, seminal power
  • supports recovery processes of liver and pancreas
  • anticancer effect
  • strong act at astheniacs suffering with nerve and circulation caducity
  • corrects low blood pressure, neurovegetative and vessel defects
  • used for prevention of degenerative ageing processes