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Herbal extracts

Greater celandina bio extract 100ml

(Chelidonium majus)

13,50 €

Applied part of plant: top


  • helps at gall and kidney stones and gravel
  • absorbs colicky aches of alimentary canal, gall and system urinary
  • enlarges coronal artery of heart
  • absorbs cough, bronchial asthma
  • decreases blood pressure
  • slows multiplication of some cells - cancer
  • absorbs central nerve system, but on the other hand stimulates respiratory and vasomotor centers
  • improves peristalsis of guts and tone of womb
  • regulates menstruation and decreases aches during it
  • is effective at serious cutaneous tetter, allergies and psoriasis
  • markedly affects antimicrobial on grampositive and negative bacterias but also parasitical elements {Trichomonas v. }
  • adapts and strengthens activity of mucouses, milt, displaces their calenture