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Herbal extracts

Odorica gutt bio extract 50ml

7,60 €

Mixtion of extracts : Leuzea, Echinacea, Rodiola, Lastovičník


  • prevention and cure of all levels of endurance syndrome CFIDS
  • cure of heavier levels of defect of immunity system - immunity
  • complex cure of disharmony and defect of glands with inside secretion
  • cure of psychogenic anorexia and physical and psychical disbility
  • suitable preparation of organism before difficult surgery interventions and after them, at and after infectious diseases
  • quickens regeneration after heavier injuries
  • prevention of damage {prevention or decrease of cell shock } by X radiation {X and CT medicals} and therapeutic radiation {hard X, gama, kobat...}
  • support of recovery processes after damage of liver, pancreas and other parenchymathosal organs
  • stop of physical and psychical process of ageing
  • elimination of attrition states
  • increase of mental capacity, memory and concetration
  • complex cure of better activity of carnal glands and creation of fructiferous mucus, increase of semen life
  • increase of optimism, elimination of depressions
  • help at cure of afterheartattack states